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Own Story

A trip to the movie theatre is an invitation to take a journey. Now it’s a journey you control.

We live in an interactive age: being simply passive observers is rapidly becoming out dated. We want to do more, see more, dive into the experience. In the home that’s simple: don’t like what you see? Switch off or switch channels, connect with friends across a console game network, or on a tablet or a smartphone. It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s the way things should be. Except in the movie theatre where progress is limited to content delivery and not content itself. Audience Entertainment changes that. We build cinematic experiences with you, the audience, in control. We involve you in the experience; you choose to see the story, your way.

Audience Entertainment is about interactive storytelling for the connected, digital era. It’s about reaching out directly to the audience, using technology to harness the power of the group.

With a wave of the hand you choose for yourselves. Choose the trailers you want, interact with advertising messages, and even select a preferred ending for the main feature.

Of course great cinema always sweeps us along enraptured –– but Audience Entertainment constructs a cinematic experience tailored to what YOU want. Through us, see the big screen in a whole new light. It’s still a journey – but you choose the destination.

Imagine if Rocky had lost the match

Share Decisions

Home theatre has improved immeasurably in recent years – but people still prefer going to the movies. Why? Because the movie theatre offers a shared experience, which enhances the experience beyond measure. Now, Audience Entertainment provides a more immersive experience through shared control. You take decisions; you become closer to each other and closer to the characters on screen.


Choose Outcomes

Ever get the feeling what you see isn’t what you want, that the outcome didn’t quite live up to the build- up? Audience Entertainment is the solution, invigorating the big screen experience by allowing you to choose your own finale. Will the hero get the girl? Does good triumph over evil? Do you want more of the story, perhaps in a sequel? Well … that’s now entirely up to you.

part of the story

Become part of The Story

The history of the big screen is a history of entertainment becoming increasingly immersive. From 3D to surround sound to laser the movie industry has striven relentlessly to provide a more enveloping experience – and Audience Entertainment provides the magical next step. We make you part of the action. It’s a shared experience, both broader and deeper than cinema has delivered before.

a better

Smart. That’s the technology buzzword of the 21st Century. From smart tablets to smart games consoles to smart TVs, tools that deliver user-selectable content are the defining technologies of the modern era.

But, for all the great technology built into the modern movie theatre, the experience is the familiar, passive show it was 50 years ago. Until now. Audience Entertainment is changing the movie-going environment – our crowd-based interactive platform works with gestures and sound. There’s no requirement to come to the big screen only to stare at a small one.

The results are engaging, fun and overwhelmingly positive. Client surveys show 92 percent of the audience saying they prefer interactive content, while embedding our interactive technology within advertising has resulted in a staggering 81 percent rate of unaided brand recall. It really is like nothing ever witnessed before.

Couple sitting unanimated

... One of the best marketing ideas in the world ...



Our camera enables us to detect the audience in real time. Our proprietary system allows us to capture large crowds, to date our largest has been 60,000 people.
The system can work in a wide range of lighting conditions to enable iD content in almost any surrounding. A super powerful input system with a small footprint.


The iD system interfaces with most common projection systems, from Laser, 4K, 2K and LED. Through a standard digital connection we are able to deploy interactive content onto your screen.

ID Server

The home of the magic, filled with clever algorithms, top of the line hardware and of course the best support industry thanks to Barco. What more do you need to know?


Just like our video output, we interface will all standard audio components.From stereo to surround, we cover all the bases. It really is designed to work in almost any setting.


What is iD?

Our turnkey hardware system can turn any big screen environment into a context-aware space for group interaction. We simply call it iD. The system comprises microphone and camera technology in the auditorium linked to a hub server co-located with the projection equipment. It’s simple to retrofit and, thanks to our collaboration with Barco, easy to specify in a new installation. It’s minimally invasive, compatible with all standard digital projection technology and can rapidly turn any big screen into an instant interactive super-theatre.

How does it work?

iD is a low-impact hardware solution that would never be mistaken for rocket science – the real engine of our interactive theatre experience lies within our patented intelligent algorithms. Imagine the voice-and-motion capture devices used with games consoles, then vastly expand the processing capacity to capture a much wider audience. This is the genius of iD. It processes large group inputs in real time, whether that group is a movie audience, shoppers in a mall or 60,000 screaming fans at a rock concert. Wherever there’s a big screen, we can make it bigger.

Experience id Download SDK
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are you a creative?

Are you the Creative type?

Every storyteller needs to connect with the audience, every player knows performance is a two-way street. It’s a universal truth, as applicable from tales told around the fire to Shakespeare in the Park or late night blues in a Soho cellar bar. We want to make it true for the cinema auditorium as well. The iD platform is a way to build the audience into your narrative and cater for their reactions before they have them. It allows the creative mind to craft an experience that has a deeper impact on the audience than anything on-screen has managed before.

The industry has dabbled with interaction for the home but Audience Entertainment can deliver a new experience in mass socially-interactive consumption, allowing creative minds to imagine stories that will be told in ways they’ve never been told before. We’d like to hear what you think and show you what we can do. Give us your details on the form below and we’ll do the rest.

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are you the marketing guru?

Are you the Marketing and Advertising Guru?

81 per cent. That’s a number that should interest you. Traditionally, unaided brand recall for an advertisement hovers around the 20 per cent mark, using iD technology we crank that up a bit – actually, we crank it up a lot. The average unaided brand recall for an iD ad is 81 per cent. That’s a figure from independent exit polls. iD clients have been known to put it even higher.

The technology certainly has a Wow! factor but the real reason people remember iD ads is because they’re properly engaged – maybe for the first time ever during a movie pre-show. iD turns ads into something with which movie-goers want to connect. They stay with customers in ways passive advertising simply cannot replicate. Using iD translates an ad from background noise into something memorable. That’s why BrandWeek said we had “one of the best marketing ideas in the World”. Interested in hearing more about that world? Use the form below to see how iD can help you.

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Screen Owner

Are you looking to make your screen interactive?

Together with our partners Barco we’re in the process of rolling out the iD platform to 3,000 screens globally – and this is really just the beginning. Interactive content is expanding. Ad revenues for iD-enabled content can be considerably higher than for traditional ads and already there is a blue-chip clamour to access the technology. We’ve worked with Disney, Coca-Cola, Nokia, Sony, Volvo and many other familiar names – we even had a role with the biggest ad-buy in cinema history when Samsung invited us to help launch the Galaxy S III smart phone. This simply is the future of the cinema industry.

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Are you the
Creative type?

Imagine if you could give your audience the chance to be part of the narrative and creative world that you have crafted?

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Are you the
Marketing and Advertising Guru?

Why buy impressions when you can buy engagement? At Audience Entertainment we think about the consumer differently, simply showing you something is one thing, asking you to be a part of it is far more impactful.

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screen owner

Are you looking to make your screen interactive?

Audience Entertainment, with partners Barco Inc, are rolling out the iD platform to 3,000 screens globally right now.

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